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Completely v1.1 – Out Now

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

I’ve had some great feedback since Completely went live on the App Store around the end of last year. The app seems to be averaging in the region of 20-30 downloads a day which I’m more than happy with considering I’ve done nothing to advertise it and it was only intended as a project to improve my understanding of working with REST API’s.

I’ve been meaning to keep the app updated more regularly than I have and would have liked to get this update out sooner. That said, I’ve been super busy over the last couple of months and have even managed to secure the dream job I’ve been working towards all these years, as an app developer for a Manchester based software development company. Therefore, as you can imagine, most of my time has been focussed on work rather than pleasure.

I’ve only been in my new role for just over 6 weeks, but already my understanding of iOS development and building apps in general has improved massively and continues to do so daily. For this reason, I have pretty much re-written Completely from scratch, changed from using XML to JSON and incoporated features that I’ve previously wanted to but simply didn’t have the required knowledge at the time. It might not look much of a change on the face of it, but Completely 1.1 is an entirely new app under the hood that’s far more extensible and maintainable, allowing me to add features in the future much more easily.

Given the re-write there’s not much new this time, but there are things that people have specifically asked for:

- You can now search in over 100+ more categories rather than just the top level 30

- You can now scroll infinitely by tapping the load more button when you reach then end to go back further.

- New transitions using the new iOS7 view controller transitioning API’s. (Blog post on this to come)

- New animations and live blur effects

- Ability to swipe through item photos when viewing at large size

- Ability to view search results as a list or grid

- Ability to sort by ‘Best Match’.

- Implemented TSMessages for less intrusive error messages/alerts.

I hope you enjoy the update and as usual if you have any ideas for improvement, please do drop me an email, or there’s a button in the app to email me directly from there. I’m quite limited by the eBay completed listings API in what I can do but more than happy to look into any requests.

Go get the update on the App Store.

Short clip giving a whirlwind tour of the updated app…