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CS193P – SPoT Assignment 4

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

So I finally got around to completing Assignment 4 as part of the CS193p course. Some of the extra tasks were a little bit tricky like ensuring it runs properly in a split view controller on iPad and sorting the UITableViews alphabetically for example.

Given UITableView uses very similar delegate methods as the UICollectionView from the previous assignment, the setting up of the controllers was fairly straight forward. I also enjoyed nesting these into a NavigationController within a TabBarController. Setting up the scrollView is a simple matter of dragging out a scrollView in Interface Builder, then setting up the content area and imageView in code based on your Stanford Photos dictionary, fetched using the provided FlickrFetcher code.

Below is a demo of my app at this stage with all the extra tasks completed (which kind of means I’ve also done part of the next assignment) however this will also involve implementing multi-threading so the main thread is never blocked when for example fetching photos.