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Posted on Feb 28, 2015



I’ve long been a subscriber to iOS Dev Weekly, being very time constrained working two jobs it’s the perfect way to catch up on the latest news and new developments in the iOS development community. This weeks issue detailed a very useful resource I didn’t know about called ‘Awesome Swift’ which lists a ton of great resources for learning and developing in Swift more effectively. Reading through the list I was pleased to see a library I released towards the end of last year featured called ‘GoogleWearAlertView‘. iOS offers no built in way to provide a success/error communication to the user other than a UIAlertView with a button which the user must tap to dismiss, unlike Android which provides what it calls a ‘toast’. I wrote this small library to allow an easy way to¬†communicate a success/failure to the user when we don’t actually need them to do anything, it’s simply a ‘yes that’s done’ or ‘that didn’t work’.

Feel free to check out the library, it’s open sourced under the MIT licence and I’d be massively grateful if you’d like to contribute to helping make it better.