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Chat is a brand new mesh networking app that allows users to chat to each other without the need for signal.  On a flight but not able to sit near your friends and family, camping trip in the middle of nowhere, on the subway?  No problem, with Chat you can send messages and pictures from up to 200ft away without the need for an internet connection.


What, how? Chat is built upon a new technology introduced with iOS7 called Mesh Networking, using Apples Multipeer Connectivity framework. This framework allows iPhones to communicate with up to 8 people without needing an internet connection at all.

- No login or accounts required
- Completely anonymous, no servers, no conversations are stored on the device
- Find friends nearby, choose who to invite and which invites to accept
- Choose a profile picture so friends can see who they’re chatting to
- Send images and view those sent to you at full screen.
- Extend the range using automatic multi-hop capabilities to talk with people further away
- Automatic reconnection of lost friends
- No significant impact on battery life