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The Single Best Answer application helps trainee radiologists prepare for the Royal College of Radiologists’ Final FRCR (Part A) Exam. It features a total of 450 questions across each of the six exam modules: cardiothoracic and vascular; musculoskeletal and trauma; gastro-intestinal; genito-urinary, adrenal, obstetrics and gynaecology and breast; paediatric; and central nervous system and head and neck.

It has two different modes of assessment. The ‘test’ function presents users with a number of multiple choice questions in which they are given the summary findings from a scan and invited to select the best diagnosis. They will then be shown the single best answer along with a detailed explanation of why this is the case. Meanwhile, the ‘exam’ function enables students to sit the same questions under timed exam conditions before reviewing their answers and detailed explanations at the end.

The app records all of the user’s scores, giving them the opportunity to see how much they have improved over time.

In addition, all data is pre-loaded into the app so that it can operate offline. This means it is suitable for use in areas with poor internet access such as during the daily commute, on the tube or in rural areas.

The application supports both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

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