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Stanford iOS Development Course – Swift

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

Its that time of year again, the annual Stanford iOS development course, this year the course will be using Apples new programming language, Swift. I’m excited about this as not only do you learn new stuff each time you take this course (even as an experienced iOS developer) it’s the push I’ve been waiting for to dive into Swift. Although I’ve had play about with the language and have open sourced a couple of projects on my GutHub account written n Swift, I’ve not really taken it too seriously.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Functional Programming, and I’m excited to approach Swift with this new functional mindset as opposed to the traditional imperative mindset. So far I’m working my way through the learnYouAHaskell material (starting with a purely functional programming language like Haskell seemed like the only way to go) and have watched some of the great talks from the Function Swift conference.

I fully intend to read through the following material on Functional Programming along side taking this years Stanford course in the hope that it will make me a better programmer:

Real World Haskell

Functional Programming In Swift

I’ll try to this post as I go with work from exercises and links to the code on GitHub however work commitments mean I may not be able to keep this up to date…

Assignment 1 - Calculator

Assignment 2 – Calculator plus Extensions