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Swift – An Instagram Photo/Video Viewer App

Posted on Jun 22, 2014

I said in a previous post I’d try to share some Swift code however I’ve decided to go one better and share a complete iOS application, specifically for the iPhone written entirely in Swift called InstaDude. The code can be found here on GitHub. We’re using many features supported by Swift including enums, protocols, extensions, notifications, and optionals as well as using the new UIVisualEffectView introduced with iOS8 to create a nice blur effect.

The application polls Instagram for the most popular photos/videos and displays them in a UICollectionView, tapping a photo/video will take you to a new screen for that ‘media item’ along with displaying some additional detail, if it’s a video it’s played  automatically. Enjoy.


iOS Simulator Screen Shot 20 Jun 2014 16.28.27

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 20 Jun 2014 16.20.21